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At ATB, we are a team of financial advisors who work together with you to provide the best wealth strategy for your needs. We take the time to learn about you, your goals, and what’s important to you — then we offer tailored solutions that make sense for where you are today, as well as where you want to be tomorrow, and well into retirement.

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Why Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

You work hard to earn your money, so, naturally, you want to protect it. And, while you might feel you’re able to manage your own finances — are you really? Granted, handling your day-to-day income and expenditure is achievable, but what about preparing for the unexpected, or retirement?

Planning your finances for the future can take time and effort — it’s not a five-minute decision process. You might also question whether you’re making the best choices in respect of taxes, insurance, investments or savings. This is where ATB Wealth Strategies step in as a trusted financial advisor — to make sure you’re on the right path.

In many aspects of daily life, you consult experts — if you’re ill, you see a doctor, or if your car breaks down, you seek the help of a mechanic. So, you can see why it makes sense to seek professional advice from a financial consultant when growing your wealth and protecting your income. With a solid strategy in place, navigating the pathway to wealth becomes less challenging and more productive. 

With a plan in place the possibilities are endless, so contact our financial advisory firm today.

What Are the Benefits of Financial Advice for You?

You might be wondering whether you need financial advice — and what’s in it for you? Unbiased financial advice from good financial advisors helps you get your house in order and prepares you and your family for the future.

The strategies that can be put in place with the help of the expert money advisors at ATB Wealth can assist you with:

Financial advisory services are key to helping you successfully plan your financial journey. Our friendly team will work with you to identify your goals, and then formulate a plan to help you meet them. We know things can change, so we will be with you on your road to financial security — making sure your progress stays on track.

Having a financial planning advisor in your corner provides you with clarity around your goals and how you can progress to achieve them. It can also inspire and motivate you to think outside the box and grow your wealth in a way that suits you.

Speak to our professional financial advisors and plan for a financially secure future.

Our Process and Strategies

ATB Wealth Strategies believes in working closely with you to ensure you receive the best financial advice possible. Following a consultation to understand your goals and expectations, our team of financial advisers will provide a comprehensive strategy tailored to your needs. But it doesn’t stop there — our ongoing support ensures you stay ahead of the game.

Dedicated cloud-based technology means you can check real-time reports anytime, anywhere. You are always kept in the picture — whether you are travelling for business or relaxing on a beach somewhere exotic. As long as you have an internet signal, you can keep in touch and make sure your investments are working for you.

Your interests always come first, and to this end, we look for the strategy that will fulfil the goals you have set. This could be from property investment, superannuation, shares, cash or fixed interest investments and more. We will explain everything in plain English, cutting all the jargon. Our clear solutions offer you a wealth strategy that will work today, and into the future.

Our financial advisers, Sydney, will pay attention to a diversified portfolio that balances the risk you are comfortable taking to get the best returns.

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We understand that life doesn’t always go to plan and unexpected events happen — planning for the worst means you and your family can still enjoy the lifestyle you’re accustomed to, no matter what. 

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ATB Wealth Strategies — Trusted Financial Advisors, Sydney

The team at ATB Wealth Strategies have a passion to make sure you plan and achieve your financial goals. Our approachable, friendly staff will put you at ease and earn your trust and confidence. Knowing that you have expert financial advisors putting your interests first will give you peace of mind.

If you’re wondering which financial advisor you need, you’re in the right place. Our dedication is at the forefront in helping make your financial dreams come true, so you can maintain a good lifestyle now and into retirement. Our experts have a deep understanding of business and personal finances and taxation — and access to an extensive range of financial investments and products.

Together, we can work out a strategy that ensures you capitalise on opportunities available to you. We are open and honest in all our transactions and will provide you with fee-for-service advice that isn’t driven by commissions. This means our recommendations are based solely on what’s best for you.

Our financial advisors start by working out a strategy — then plan your pathway to wealth. You bring the WHY we have the HOW!

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