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Insurance Services

ATB Wealth Strategies is a locally owned and operated financial advisory firm providing access to many different insurances for when the unexpected happens. We offer insurance advice to ensure you and your loved ones get the most value out of your policies. These include life insurance, income protection, TPD (Total Permanent Disability), or trauma insurance.

Our personalised services are perfect for individuals, families, couples, and businesses. We are agents that aren’t tied to one company or product line.

Insurance Advice Australia

This gives us the ability to offer over 100 different types of insurance policies you can choose from.

We will find the best fit for your needs with any reputable carrier available in Australia — saving you the hassle of shopping around on your own. Protecting your loved ones and yourself as part of a long-term financial plan gives you peace of mind, helping you create a path to wealth with confidence.

Financial Plan Insurance

Protect Your Future

Incorporating insurance coverage into a financial plan saves you worrying about how you intend to support yourself and your family when life throws you curveballs. It could be that your income decreases or stops altogether, you become ill, or your lifestyle needs to change because of an accident or injury. Whatever the situation, putting a plan in place before these things happen ensures you’re covered.

ATB Wealth Strategies are financial advisers and planners experienced in guiding you in the right direction. We will consult with you to determine your insurance needs. We then identify the insurance solutions most suitable for you and build them into your wealth creation plan.

As we aren’t tied to any one product, we can provide insurance options from many different companies to protect you from the unforeseen. Our focus is entirely on what is best for you. This gives you the assurance that we have your back, and irrespective of life’s challenges, both you and your family’s lifestyle needs will be met.

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Types of Insurance

No matter what type of insurance coverage you are considering — having the advice of ATB’s professional insurance experts will ensure you have the most up-to-date information and products. We will find the best policy for your needs and ensure it’s underwritten on application so you are protected from the outset. The types of insurance we can offer you include:

One of the most popular protection insurances in Australia is life insurance. Sometimes referred to as term life insurance, it provides your family with a lump sum payment in the event of your death — or to you if you become terminally ill.

There are different ways a private life insurance policy can be paid:

  • Decreasing Life Insurance: The payments on this type of policy are constant and remain the same, but the death benefit decreases over time.
  • Stepped Life Insurance: With this policy, your premiums increase the older you become.
  • Level Life Insurance: While payments tend to be higher at policy commencement — increases aren’t based on your age. Hence, any rises in cost will be more gradual.

Our friendly team at ATB Wealth can help you decide which life insurance policy suits your needs — and then find the most appropriate one at the best price.

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Should you be unable to work for an extended period of time due to illness or an accident, income protection insurance provides financial support. It will help you maintain your lifestyle and cover expenses.

Many policies of this nature can be tailored to suit your individual needs, which can make a difference to the amount of the premiums. Some of the benefits include rehabilitation costs, bed confinement cover, and transportation costs. There can be variations between providers in respect of benefits, yet policies can be tailored to what you require.

    Income Protection Insurance Australia

    This complex field of insurance can be difficult to navigate — so having our dedicated team explain everything in plain English will help you make an informed decision. You can be rest assured that your voice will be heard and you will receive the right cover for you.

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    Trauma or Critical Illness Insurance

    We all hope the unthinkable will never happen and we won’t end up dealing with a serious injury or illness in the future. Trauma cover insurance means your finances are covered while you concentrate on recovery or treatment for your condition.

    These policies are designed to cover costs associated with a critical illness or injury — such as a stroke, cancer, heart attack, blindness, loss of speech, deafness, severe burns and more. The insured sum helps reduce financial stress, letting you pay for specialist medical treatments, pay off debt, or the costs associated with your recovery. 

    Our financial advisors can incorporate trauma insurance into your financial plan for the future. They will discuss the rate for the available policies, but bear in mind some risk factors may attract a higher premium — including your age, gender, lifestyle, previous medical history, and hazardous hobbies or occupations. Whatever the circumstances, we have your interests at heart and will find the best insurance coverage for you.

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    A permanent disability can place a huge strain on your finances. TPD or disability insurance can relieve the burden by paying a lump sum should you be unfortunate and suffer a physical impairment. 

    What constitutes a permanent disability can vary from one insurance provider to another. ATB Wealth Strategies financial advisers will make sure that the cover included in your insurances meets the situations that could affect you. They will look at the options of having TPD cover as part of your life insurance or as a stand-alone policy — and whether it could be funded through your superannuation, cutting the premium costs.

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