Portfolio Management

Investment Portfolio Management with ATB

Portfolio Management

At ATB, our investment portfolio management services are tailor-made and designed to be flexible to meet your needs. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that puts you in overall control of your financial future — freeing you up to focus on what matters to you. Our approach keeps you in the loop at all times so you can assess the growth of your wealth at any time, and we can adjust it together if we need to.

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What to Expect from ATB Wealth Strategies Portfolio Care

Essentially we can break down your investment portfolio management into three easy stages.

Stage 1: Understanding Your Needs

Our first step will always be to meet with you and gain an understanding of your preferences and requirements. As the managers of your portfolio care, we want to make sure that we address all aspects of your investments. We want to know your tax status and your risk attitude — are you averse, neutral or a seeker? Only then can we advise you where your money will be best placed. 

Once we have thoroughly investigated what you want and your goals, we can move on and put together a plan for your wealth strategy going forward.

Stage 2: Building Your Portfolio

Investment analysis and portfolio management don’t only rely on our suggestions and direction, it also requires your input. Firstly we will look at what asset classes you want your portfolio to cover. Generally, these will fall into the categories of real assets, such as property and commodities, equities, and fixed income securities. We can also identify whether you prefer to invest in Australia only, or internationally.

Following the asset selection process, we then decide which classes to choose from. For diversity, we could opt for an equity component, such as stocks, a fixed income component, such as bonds, and property investment for real assets. Once these decisions are finalised, we can begin to execute and grow your portfolio.

We will put together a strategy that works for you and a solid plan to keep it on track.

Stage 3: Ongoing Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

At ATB Wealth Strategies, we understand the main reason for investing is to grow your wealth and make money. To this end, your portfolio will be under constant review to make sure the assets you have chosen are performing as expected. We will provide you with regular reports and performance evaluations, and together we can agree on any necessary adjustments.

Investment Portfolio Manager

Our aim is to keep your financial plan on track — contact us today for a chat.

Why Choose ATB Wealth Strategies for Investment Portfolio Management?

At ATB Wealth, we appreciate that many investors would love to manage their own portfolios, but time, or lack of, is the issue. By engaging us as your financial and investment portfolio managers, we take care of the time-intensive paperwork and research so you can focus on making the decisions.

We make sure you receive timely reports — valuations and forecasts — and collate and record all necessary information for taxation and income. We will also notify you when new investment opportunities present themselves, so you can increase your wealth by adding to your portfolio. Our expert financial planners take pride in making your plans and strategies work.

Our proactive approach ensures your investment portfolio is monitored closely. You will have peace of mind knowing that your personal advisor is acting on your behalf and in your best interests at all times.

Contact us today for a consultation and let our investment portfolio management team work out your next steps for wealth with you.