Investment Strategy

to Increase Wealth

Investment Strategy

At ATB Wealth, we provide investment strategy services tailored to new and experienced investors. We know each individual’s goals are different, and that’s why we tailor a plan to suit your unique needs and risk tolerance. Whether it’s property, SMSFs, shares, bonds, cash or gold, our experts can guide and advise you on the best way to grow your wealth.

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Taking Control of Your Super

When it comes to superannuation and SMSFs, it’s imperative to have investment management strategies in place. At ATB Wealth, we can help you navigate the minefield of taxation and compliance that’s all part of the package. To cut to the chase, if your SMSF does not have an investment strategy or one that isn’t effective, you could be non-compliant — which won’t go down well with the ATO.

There are a number of investment options that an SMSF can take advantage of and we can help you decide how to diversify — and show you different financial investment strategies. You could choose between low-risk options such as bonds, property and cash, or a higher return plan involving International and Australian shares.

Our investment experts will make sure your strategy incorporates a variation of products so that your portfolio is balanced. That way, if one area underperforms, it’s shored up by those that experience more growth.

ATB Wealth Strategies works closely with you to ensure your super is appropriate for your needs, financial situation and overall objectives. We get to know what you want for yourself, your family and your future, and create a wealth plan that takes all these factors into account.

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    Investing in Property

    Many Australians choose to include property in an investment strategy. It offers income from rent, and there is always the potential for growth in the equity you have in bricks and mortar. However, it’s not without its pitfalls, and mistakes can come at a high price.

    At ATB Wealth Strategies, we can guide you through the many options available of including property in your personal investment strategy or as part of an SMSF. We can advise you whether your best option, for example, might be to invest in a single property, or whether to consider real estate investment trusts (REITs). You could even think about buying shares in construction — after all Sydney, and Parramatta are growing areas where the development of apartment complexes and business properties are on the rise.

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    Other Investment Strategies

    While SMSFs and property tend to be the most popular types of investment, there are other possibilities you can include in your financial investment strategy.

      Cash Investments

      If you are someone that doesn’t like taking risks when it comes to financial growth, cash investments might appeal to you. ATB Wealth Strategies financial planner can assist with placing your hard-earned cash in term deposits and savings accounts. These investments offer low-risk returns from regular interest payments, but these returns can be less than some other options.


      Looking to the future of your investment strategy, annuities provide a guaranteed income during retirement. You can choose whether to take a fixed-term annuity that entails a set amount of payments over a set number of years, or a lifetime annuity where you pay for the duration of your lifetime. 

      Annuities can be bought with savings or through your super. However, if you do use your superannuation to buy an annuity, you won’t have access to the funds until you reach preservation age and kick back and retire.

      Managed Funds

      A managed fund involves pooling your investments with other investors. These funds can be placed into different categories, such as a managed fund that only holds shares in Australian companies, or it could be one that spreads your investment across a range of property, shares and cash. This type of investment can provide you with diversification and access to investments that might be beyond your reach as an individual.

      Another type of managed fund is an ETF or Exchanged Traded Funds. These can be invested via the Australian Stock Exchange and track a particular market index or asset — and like similar investments where there is a degree of risk involved, they can rise and fall.

      ATB Wealth Strategies can help you find a managed fund that suits your requirements. We will advise you on the tax implications and also the earnings they might offer. Again, investing in this product can mean losses as well as gains in a fluctuating market.

      Investing in Bonds

      Bonds or fixed interest investments offer a predictable income as part of your overall investment strategy. Our financial advisors can look at how these lower-risk options can help offset riskier investments that might be included in your portfolio. You could choose from those issued by the Australian Government or companies, or those released internationally.

      Although the amount you invest (the principal) is returned when the bond matures, this amount will not grow in line with inflation. The fixed terms can vary, and those from private companies can attract a higher risk element.

      Investing in Bonds Australia

      Another type of bond open to your wealth plan is an investment or insurance bond. These generally pool your money with that of other investors and our investment manager will oversee the day-to-day decisions. We will also look at the tax implications of these investments — these bonds, if you hold them for 10 years or more, can be a tax-effective option when you come to redeem them.

      Investing in Shares Australia

      Investing in Shares

      ATB Wealth has experts that can guide you on which shares, sometimes called stocks or equities, could be incorporated into your investment strategy. We can take you through the process and highlight the options available to you.

      Essentially, when you purchase shares, you become a shareholder in the company you choose. Your investment will increase if the company’s shares grow, and you could be paid a part of the profits of the company in the form of dividends. On the other hand, your investment will decrease if the company’s shares don’t perform well.

      Our financial management investment team will help you decide when the best time might be to buy shares, or when to sell them. We will also be able to assess your attitude to the risks associated with this type of investment and establish whether it’s suitable for your wealth plan.

      LICs or Listed Investment Companies

      investment management strategies.

      Operating in a similar way to managed funds, LICs are listed on the stock exchange as incorporated companies. They can offer diversity for your investment and are managed on your behalf by an experienced investment manager, such as our ATB Wealth Strategies experts.



      There are several different ways you can invest in gold, such as gold mining stocks, derivatives, gold receipts or gold ETFs. Although the idea of having a safe full of precious gold bars might sound appealing, it’s not practical for many, so the other options are a better choice.

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      Your Investment Strategy to Create Wealth

      At ATB, we strive to be innovative in helping you achieve your financial goals. Our investment management services are designed to be flexible and tailor-made to meet your needs. We have expert investment strategy advisers that work with you to develop a plan to create wealth for a secure financial future for you and your family. 

      We provide a range of products that will fit into your personal investment strategy — including those specifically tailored for self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), property or other asset management services. Our financial investment advisor will incorporate all aspects of your finances to work out a strategy that you’re happy with.

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