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When you require a specialised, friendly, and focused financial advisor in Blacktown and Western Sydney — ATB Wealth Strategies are your go-to experts.

Local to you, yet with a wide-ranging and long-term vision, we examine with you your current wealth status, responsibilities and dependents, and financial goals — tailoring a bespoke wealth strategy for today, and most importantly, for tomorrow.

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Why You Need a Financial Planner in Blacktown

At ATB Wealth, we take immense pride in our friendly and personalised financial management approach. Working with you to become a trusted adviser, we take the time to fully understand your ambitions and deliver affordable and profitable solutions to meet those goals.

And, unlike many financial planners, we’re not a faceless entity at the end of an email or online chat box.

ATB Wealth’s principals, Jim, Paul and Michael, each with over 30 years of financial strategy experience, can help you to: 

  • Boost your asset base.
  • Lower repayment periods on loans.
  • Shield your income against illness, injury, death, and inability to work.
  • Forge strong investments.
  • Maximise your SMSF with efficient tax strategies.
  • Secure a prosperous and comfortable retirement.
  • Protect you and your loved ones’ futures.

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Our Financial Planning Services in Blacktown

Secure your golden years with our financial advisor retirement planning service. It’s never too late, or early, to organise your later life strategy — delivering peace of mind knowing that you can enjoy the comfortable retirement you deserve.

Life’s unexpected events can challenge your financial security — at ATB Wealth Strategies, we provide insurance for complete reassurance, including life insurance, income protection, TPD insurance, and trauma insurance.

ATB Wealth will formulate a powerful investment strategy to grow your financial security. Our team of investment planners will tailor a bespoke approach suited to your aims, including SMSFs, property and stock portfolios, and asset management.

Crucial to safeguarding your retirement’s financial stability, our self-managed superannuation advisors and accounting experts offer tailored solutions, including advice, setup, strategy, and tax management.

Shielding both you and your loved ones’ futures, ATB Wealth’s life insurance plans deliver a reassuring lump-sum benefit in the event of a terminal illness or fatality — for day-to-day expenses, funeral costs, mortgages and loans, and your children’s education.

Should you be unable to work due to injury or illness, could you still meet your financial commitments? Income protection insurance delivers welcome benefit support to you and your family when life’s curveballs threaten your livelihood.

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ATB Wealth Strategies Giving Financial Advice in Blacktown

At ATB Wealth Strategies, our mission is to help you achieve your wealth goals and aspirations.

Our specialised, friendly, and local team of experts will rapidly earn your confidence and trust — delivering immeasurable peace of mind, by knowing that you have a focused financial advisor on your side.

Independent, and with no ties to specific products or services, we tailor a strategy best suited to your current status and future ambitions. From a straightforward income protection or life insurance policy, through to a comprehensive SMSF plan — we have the experience and know-how.

Make your wealth dreams a reality today.