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Epping, NSW

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Trusted, friendly, and reassuringly local — ATB Wealth is on your side, delivering a complete financial planner service in Epping, Sydney.

From SMSF setup and investment strategy through to portfolio management and retirement planning — we will stabilise your current financial situation while creating a robust wealth pathway for the future.

With no off-the-shelf packages, we provide tailored schemes and guidance that focus on your needs and aspirations — rapidly becoming your trusted consultant and avoiding industry jargon and patronising advice.

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Why You Need Specialised Financial Planning in Epping

Financial and investment advice can be notoriously cold, clinical, and faceless — but not with ATB Wealth Strategies.

Local to Epping, our team of expert professionals understand the people, the challenges, and the opportunities inherent to North Sydney’s deservedly proud residents. As such, we provide understandable, friendly, and solid counsel that focuses purely on your targets — not ours.

Amiable, happy to have face-to-face meetings, and without judgement, we focus on your financial priorities — whether that’s saving for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, meeting your children’s education costs, or building a successful property portfolio.

Pressure-free, and without sales speak, we create resilient strategies that are profitable for your future — yet remain within your fiscal comfort zone.

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Our Financial Planning Services in Epping

Could you and your family cope with life’s financial challenges if illness or injury prevent you from working? ATB’s income protection plans provide welcome benefits if you’re unable to fulfil your employment obligations.

After years of working hard, you deserve a comfortable retirement — we can formulate a retirement strategy that ensures your golden years are financially strong.

As part of a solid retirement plan, you need a profitable and robust SMSF — at ATB Wealth, we can set up, manage, and advise on your super.

Delivering welcome reassurance to your loved ones — our life insurance packages deliver a lump sum to your dependents upon your death, allowing them to meet financial commitments at a burdensome time.

A formidable financial plan means looking at the bigger picture — at ATB Wealth, we provide a wide-spectrum approach to investment strategy that includes retirement plans, SMSF setup, and portfolio management.

From salary continuance to TPD, trauma cover to life protection — ATB Wealth Strategies’ insurance policies will safeguard your future from life’s unplanned and unwanted events.

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ATB Wealth Strategies — Best Financial Planners in Sydney

At ATB Wealth, we have a singular aim — to enable you to reach your financial ambitions and aspirations.

Our reassuringly local, amiable, and expert team of professional advisors will work with you to deliver your targets — remaining within your risk zone, taking into account your current wealth stability, and always acting on your behalf.

With no ties to specific services, products, or schemes — our independence means we offer solutions that are given without pressure and are solely for your benefit.

Don’t opt for a faceless advisor — speak to your local financial planner in Epping today.