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Addressing today’s pressing financial commitments while creating a robust plan for the years ahead is a formidable challenge — ATB Wealth Strategies, your local neighbourhood financial planner in the Hills District, works on your behalf for a prosperous today and tomorrow.

Spending time with you to understand your current wealth status and your future aspirations — we will formulate bespoke plans, packages, and initiatives that enhance your financial stability, boost your prosperity, and provide peace of mind for the years to come.

Incessantly professional, yet amiable and delivering advice without meaningless industry jargon — we offer holistic solutions with the local touch.

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Why You Need a Financial Planner in The Hills District

From the majestic Hawkesbury River in the north, down to the M2 motorway in the south — the Hills District is an expansive area with an assorted array of commercial and domestic interests.

And, unsurprisingly, the financial needs, demands, and aspirations of its proud inhabitants are equally diverse.

At ATB Wealth Strategies, we fully understand and relish these differences — knowing that the requirements of a resident in Rouse Hill may be vastly in opposition to the needs of a native in Norwest.

That’s why off-the-shelf packages and one-size-fits-all solutions have no place in our financial ethos. Instead, we take pride in our tailored wealth strategies — taking time to understand your targets, and creating a bespoke approach that delivers on these aims.

Whether you need a financial planner in Baulkham Hills, or a financial advisor in Castle Hill — ATB Wealth will combine the local experience of Western Sydney with an expansive worldview to provide a powerful pathway to financial stability.

Let us reveal your wealth possibilities.

How Our Hills District Financial Planners Secure Your Wealth

Financial planners in the Hills aren’t just there for the mega-rich, stock market players, or real-estate developers. No-nonsense, bulletproof, and independent wealth advice is for all Sydneysiders — it’s not about the assets you have now, it’s about what you can generate and build in the years to come.

The potent strategies that our Hills District financial professionals can deliver for you include:

Investing in Bonds Australia
Investing in Shares Australia
  • Encouraging your savings to increase and mature.
  • Heightening your asset base.
  • Protecting your income from illness and injury challenges.
  • Minimising mortgage and loan premiums.
  • Preparing for a comfortable and enjoyable retirement.
  • Setup and management of SMSFs.
  • Strategising tax payments efficiently.
  • Building powerful investments.
  • Protecting you and your loved ones’ futures.

Whatever your current wealth or income, we can make it grow.

ATB Wealth Strategies — Financial Advisors Local To You

Working diligently across Sydney, ATB Wealth is your neighbourhood professional in The Hills. Whether you need a financial planner in Castle Hill or a financial advisor in Baulkham Hills — you’re guaranteed personalised, local advice.

Our financial planning advisers in the Hills Shire cover:

  • Leets Vale.
  • Middle Dural.
  • Maroota.
  • Maraylya.
  • North Rocks.
  • Nelson.
  • Norwest.
  • North Kellyville.
  • Rouse Hill.
  • South Maroota.
  • Sackville North.
  • Wisemans Ferry.
  • Winston Hills.
  • West Pennant Hills.

Don’t see your location? If you’re in Sydney, we’re here for you.

Our Financial Planning Services in The Hills District

Delivering welcome monthly benefits should injury or illness prevent you from fulfilling your employment duties — income protection promises reassuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Ensuring that your golden years are spent in comfort — our expert financial planners can advise on the initial creation, management, and approach strategy of your SMSF.

Financial challenges can hit us at any time — that’s why at ATB Wealth, we provide expansive insurance packages to safeguard against the unexpected — including life insurance, trauma, TPD, and continuance of salary insurance.

Your retirement should be a time for relaxation, enjoyment, and comfort after your life’s labours — ATB Wealth provides in-depth retirement planning to ensure you achieve the post-work years you want and deserve.

Delivering welcome reassurance to your loved ones in their time of need, our life insurance policies bestow your beneficiaries with a lump sum in the event of your death — allowing them to cover funeral expenses, day-to-day costs, and mortgages.

Sensible wealth security demands a powerful strategy — ATB Wealth’s investment planning services focus on expanding your wealth and asset base, including addressing SMSFs and share, stock, and property portfolios.

Don’t leave your future to chance call us now to discuss our comprehensive financial services.

ATB Wealth Strategies The Hills District’s Best Financial Planners

When you need a financial advisor in the Hills Shire — opt for the best.

ATB Wealth Strategies acts as your trusted consultant and expert guide through the maze of financial options —  formulating formidable pathways to create a solid wealth approach for today, and generating a profitable plan for tomorrow.

Our worldly-wise yet local professional advisors deliver robust and personally-tailored solutions to achieve your dreams and aspirations — not untargeted and generic packages.

Resolutely independent, no hard sell, and without ties to a limited number of products or services — we guarantee custom-built financial planning that promises peace of mind for you and your family.

Realise your wealth aspirations.