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If you’re looking for a professional, targeted, and friendly financial planner in Penrith and Western Sydney — it’s time to call ATB Wealth Strategies.

On your doorstep, but boasting an expansive view, we take time to understand your current financial situation, employment, dependents, and monetary and asset goals — formulating a tailored wealth strategy for today’s challenges, and those of tomorrow.

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Why You Need a Financial Advisor in Penrith

Sydneysiders should demand a trustworthy financial advisor that understands the local area, its demographics, economy, and the challenges facing its amazing residents — not an anonymous and impersonal consultant on the end of an email or website platform.

At ATB Strategies, we’re proud of our amiable and localised approach to personal finance and wealth — living and working right here in Western Sydney, we know the city and its inhabitants. We take time to work with you, identify your current situation, and deliver solutions that meet your aspirations.

In short, we will become your go-to, and most importantly trusted, financial planners.

Jim, Paul and Michael are your specialist financial advisors. Each backed by 30-plus years of strategic planning experience, we can assist with:

  • Boosting your asset portfolio.
  • Building robust investments.
  • Streamlining loan repayments.
  • Targeting a comfortable and financially sound plan for retirement.
  • Safeguarding you and your family’s future.
  • Optimising your SMSF.
  • Defending your livelihood from death, injury, and illness.

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Our Financial Planning Services in Penrith, NSW

Protecting you and your family’s financial future security, we can organise solid and affordable life insurance plans — providing a beneficial lump-sum payment should you die or contract a terminal illness. This delivers welcome peace of mind — addressing funeral costs, your loved ones’ day-to-day expenses, loans, and the education of your dependents.

At ATB Wealth Strategies, our experienced retirement and pension advisers will safeguard your more mature years — whether that’s a long time ahead, or within the reasonably short term. Robust planning today can ensure a comfortable and financially sound future — allowing you to relish your retirement.

Life can throw us all unexpected challenges — income protection shields you against these livelihood-threatening events. If illness, incapacitation, or injury prevent you from fulfilling your employment duties — ATB’s income/salary continuance insurance provides an agreed percentage of your wage, allowing you and your family to meet crucial financial commitments.

Day-to-day life is packed with curveballs that can upset or endanger your finances. At ATB Wealth Strategies, we deliver targeted insurance coverage across Sydney and Penrith — boosting your peace of mind. These include trauma, income, life, and total permanent disability insurance.

A vital element to your future financial wellbeing. ATB Wealth Strategy’s experienced SMSF (self-managed super fund) advisors create bespoke solutions — assisting with every aspect from initial advice, SMSF setup, and detailed tax planning.

Long-term planning delivers long-term results — that’s why at ATB Wealth, we can provide you with a personal investment strategy to boost your financial security. Focusing on your targets and aspirations, we can cover anything from stocks, shares, and property portfolios through to asset management plans and self-managed super funds.

Let us reveal your rapid pathway to wealth and security.

ATB Wealth Strategies — Your Local Financial Planners in Penrith

When you need financial advice in Penrith, NSW — it’s time to talk to ATB Wealth Strategies.

Professional, determined, and with a can-do attitude, we will provide you with no-nonsense, practical advice and planning — consistently focused on your aspirations and taking into account your current wealth status, dependents, and priorities.

There’s no hard sell, we’re reassuringly independent, and will always seek the best approach for your financial aims. And, with no ties to particular services or products, we can seek the most affordable and watertight strategy — gaining your confidence and becoming your trusted advisor.

Make your dreams come to fruition   let ATB Wealth, your personal financial planner in Penrith, show you how.