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from ATB Wealth Strategies, Sydney

SMSF Advice

ATB Wealth is a super fund advisory specialising in self managed super funds (SMSFs). Our SMSF advisors are approved to provide both investment and financial advice — and our services extend beyond just providing the necessary paperwork.

Self Managed Super Fund Advisors

If you’re looking into starting an SMSF or if you’re making adjustments to your existing one, we offer tailored consultations and solutions.

Our expert team at ATB has over 50 years of combined experience helping Australians with their investments and retirement planning needs. Whether you’re looking for the right SMSF investment strategy to suit your situation — or want help deciding if a self-managed super fund best suits your personal needs, we’ve got you covered.

We can answer any questions about how an SMSF fund works, what you need to do next, and more! Contact us today and schedule an appointment.

Setting Up an SMSF, Sydney

At ATB Wealth, we can help you set up a self-managed super fund (SMSF) in no time, providing all the necessary tools and advice to get you started. Our team of experts will guide you through the process in plain English, so you can understand what’s happening — and be sure that everything is carried out professionally and correctly. You’ll also receive access to our online dashboard, which will allow you to view your account anytime, anywhere!

Our Specialist Services Include:

  • SMSF set-up assistance — including the Statement of Advice (SOA) to set up the fund.
  • Preparing tax returns, TBAR, and member statements for the SMSF.
  • Preparing required financial statements in accordance with the Superannuation Industry Services (SIS) Act.
  • Advising trustees on maintaining compliance.
  • Managing and liaising with external auditors to provide an annual audit report for the fund’s compliance.
  • Preparing necessary minutes, as required by the SMSF.

Our friendly, knowledgeable self managed superannuation fund advisors and financial planners can incorporate your SMSF into your long-term wealth solutions. We help you prepare the assets that will provide for your, and your member’s retirement, and ensure your family are taken into account financially.

Let us show you what’s possible in an Australian super self managed fund. Get in touch today.

What is Self Managed Super?

The name kind of speaks for itself — a self managed superannuation fund is a way for individuals or a group of up to six people to provide financial stability in retirement. It can also ensure your family is taken care of financially if you die before you reach retirement. 

It gives you control over where your funds are invested, but there are caveats in respect of taxation and where you can invest. ATB’s SMSF super fund dedicated financial advisors will ensure your future is protected by helping you avoid the pitfalls.

We understand that setting up and managing a self managed super fund is a financial decision not to be taken lightly. With the services ATB offers, you will have peace of mind knowing your self funded super is being managed efficiently.

Communication is key to a good relationship with your financial advisor, which is why we take the time to get to know you and what you want. You (and your trustees) will be kept up to date with what is happening with your SMSF super fund — especially in respect of ATO SMSF tax compliance and concessions, and SIS regulations. We want to make sure your fund works for you and you receive all the benefits you’re entitled to.

SMSF Financial Advisor

Book a free strategy meeting and find out what an SMSF can do as part of your financial plan for creating wealth for the future.

Benefits of an SMSF


Putting your superannuation in a self-managed fund offers you a wide range of investment choices, how you invest, and what you invest in. This could be residential or commercial property, direct shares, collectibles, artwork, term deposits and more. There are, however, stringent criteria to meet to make sure your SMSF maintains compliance — our SMSF specialists can guide you on this.

We can also help with the investment created by purchasing your business property within your SMSF.


Self managed superannuation also offers you a level of flexibility and control, enabling you and your trustees to tailor your fund to meet your circumstances and needs. With ATB’s help, you can keep on top of market changes, or take up opportunities as they become available.

Tax Benefits

Self managed superannuation also offers you a level of flexibility and control, enabling you and your trustees to tailor your fund to meet your circumstances and needs. With ATB’s help, you can keep on top of market changes, or take up opportunities as they become available.

Pooled Resources

An SMSF can have up to six members, meaning a larger pool of money for investments that might be out of an individual’s reach. The combined resources of the members can also help reduce the fees associated with running the fund.

Protection for Assets

In general, creditors cannot access your superannuation. This means that the assets in the funds could be protected should a member face bankruptcy.

To find out about these benefits and more, book a consultation with ATB Wealth Strategies SMSF experts today.

Stay Compliant with ATB Wealth Strategies Help

We have touched on compliance issues when running a self-managed super fund, and it’s important that you keep on top of these. The submission of reports must be accurate and delivered on time. ATB will ensure that all compliance requirements are met, so you don’t get penalised.

    Some of these functions include:

    • Preparation of SIS financial statements, member’s statements, tax returns and TBAR
    • Advice on pension commutations and drawdowns
    • General compliance and fund maintenance advice for trustees
    • Management and liaison in respect of annual audits
    • Compilation of minutes as required by the SMSF

    Speak to us and find out what our self managed super fund and financial advisors can do to create your wealth strategy.