SMSF Investment Strategy

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SMSF Investment Strategy

SMSF investment strategy is not only about choosing your assets and investments and waiting for them to deliver. It’s about making a sound financial plan — incorporating your retirement goals and investment objectives. While SMSF investment strategies offer you flexibility, they also come with caveats.

There are important rules that must be followed to ensure your SMSF remains compliant — and can access the similar low tax rates other types of superannuation funds benefit from. ATB Wealth has an expert SMSF team that can assist with running an effective SMSF investment strategy for now and into the future.

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SMSF Strategies Essentials

Your SMSF investment strategy should detail how you’ve chosen to invest your finances to achieve a retirement fund, and how they will meet the goals you’ve set. ATO SMSF investment strategy decrees there are superannuation laws that must be implemented — and reviewed and adjusted if necessary. 

It’s not just a case of following an SMSF investment strategy template and leaving everything to chance. ATB Wealth can help create a wealth plan tailored to your individual fund’s circumstances and what you want to achieve. We can help you understand how your investment will meet each member of your fund’s needs and their retirement aspirations.

We will make sure to include all the relevant information required by the ATO to meet your responsibilities, such as:

  • Assessing the risk of acquiring, holding, and realising the return your investments are likely to achieve — including assets and cash flow to meet your fund’s objectives.
  • Diversification of SMSF investments between different asset classes and assets, to ensure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket — leaving you at risk of not meeting your goals. 
  • Examining how easy it is to liquidate any of the fund’s assets if they are needed to meet income tax or other expenses associated with the fund.
  • Ensure funds are available when a member of the SMSF retires and wants pension payments or a lump sum — or to meet other fund-related costs, such as financial advice or audits. 
  • Help you decide whether to have your life insurance, trauma insurance or TPD insurance inside or outside the SMSF for each member. 

As the ATO increases its focus in ensuring SMSF investment strategies meet the rules they have set — having ATB Wealth watching your back will relieve the stress of possibly not meeting standards. We can formulate your SMSF investment strategy and make sure it stays on track through regular reviews.

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    Flexibility and Diversity of SMSF Investment Strategy

    Your current superannuation fund may come with many restrictions on what you can and cannot invest in. A self-managed super fund enables you to choose your assets and investments — offering more flexibility and diversity. With ATB Wealth’s support, you can structure your SMSF investment strategy to your member’s requirements.

    You can take advantage of a wide range of assets, including:

    • Australian and International stocks and shares. 
    • Cash and term deposits.
    • Property.
    • Unlisted equities such as private companies.
    • Derivatives — including options, warrants or futures.
    • Managed funds — listed or otherwise.
    • Early stage investments.
    • Art.
    • Jewellery.
    • Cryptocurrency.
    • .. and many more — providing the super laws allow them.
    SMSF Investment Options

    Whatever you decide to invest in, the assets and investments must be included in your SMSF investment strategy documentation. You also need to detail the percentage of your SMSF that these individual items represent. Getting everything right can be a challenge so having ATB Wealth in your corner helps you meet it head-on — and ensure your SMSF strategy is compliant.

    Decide how your SMSF investment strategy will look by speaking to ATB Wealth.

    Your SMSF Investment Strategy from ATB Wealth

    The core of your SMSF is its investment strategy. ATB Wealth will offer all the support you need to prepare the necessary written documents — outlining the details of your investments and why they have been chosen. 

    We will make sure that your SMSF investment strategy template meets your member’s retirement plans and goals. By getting to know you and your acceptance or aversion to risk, we can tailor a wealth creation plan which meets your standards and that of the ATO.

    Our experts will make the tough decisions easier by explaining everything in plain English, so you understand all the implications. We will also schedule regular reviews to adjust your SMSF whenever necessary. After all, circumstances change over time, and your SMSF needs to be up to date with current market investments and assets to give you the best return. 

    It can be difficult to determine what assets and investments are allowable under the ATO superannuation rules. ATB will keep you on track and handle all the administration involved — so you can get on with life. 

    Our financial advisors are also SMSF accountants with extensive knowledge of creating SMSF investment strategies that work. We have more than 20 years of combined experience helping Australians with their investments and retirement planning needs. 

    Whether you are looking for the perfect SMSF investment strategy for your situation — or want help deciding on which type of self-managed super fund would fit best with your personal needs — we’ve got you covered.

    Get in touch today to explore the options for the best SMSF investment strategy for your situation!