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ATB Wealth Strategies, Sydney, is a team of financial advisors and planners working together to provide the best advice for your needs. We take the time to learn about you, your goals, and what’s important to you. Consequently, we can offer tailored solutions that make sense for where you are today — as well as where you want to be tomorrow.

We aspire to always keep things simple while exceeding your expectations. Your interests are at the heart of everything we do. Starting with your goals, we work out the ideal strategy, and then look for what products can best fulfil the goals you set. It’s what’s best for you that counts and we will personalise a financial strategy based on your individual circumstances.

We aim to simplify the myriad of choices you have, to find a clear solution, with steps you understand to achieve the result you are looking for. We speak plain English, rather than financial jargon!

Our aim is for you, our client, to have an all-encompassing wealth strategy that works for you now, and into the future — so you can live comfortably without worrying about money.

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At ATB Wealth Strategies, we are passionate about financial security. It’s our mission to help you create a path to wealth that will work for your personal circumstances. We understand no two clients are the same, and the personal touch you receive from our team ensures your financial plan is as individual as you are.

Our expertise lies in being able to see the whole picture.

The team consists of experienced financial planners, qualified chartered accountants, and support staff who go the extra mile for you. We deliver you a wealth of financial advice and information all under one roof — whether it’s for personal or business finances, or both. 

We will mentor and guide you to help nurture your finances by devising a plan to implement. This way, we can ensure success in the game of wealth, and financial freedom when you want it. 

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Providing a Complete Financial Solution

With such a diverse team, ATB Wealth Strategies, ensure you save time and money by avoiding delays associated with double handling administrative processes and information. From financial planning and advice, through to insurance, SMSFs, taxation and investments — we have it all in one place. No more waiting for callbacks as one advisor tries to get hold of another.

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    Transparency at Every Turn

    Our priority is what you need to make your dreams come true and fulfil the desires you have for your retirement — while maintaining a good lifestyle until that time. We start with a strategy and then look at what products are available to meet those needs and follow the path we set together. To help facilitate this, we are upfront about our fees for the financial services we offer. Our fee-for-service approach means our recommendations are non-commission based — giving you peace of mind that we are in your corner with your best interests at the core of what we do.

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    Consistent and Clear Financial Advice

    Having a dedicated financial planner improves your success on the road to wealth. Our team optimises and monitors your financial plans to keep your journey on track. Not only that, we make sure we communicate effectively and in a timely manner, in a language you can understand — no more jargon, just simple, honest advice you can trust.

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      Expert Financial Advice

      Holistic Advice from Expert Financial Planners

      ATB Wealth Strategies has access to experts across a plethora of financial products and investments. Our proven track record comes from a deep understanding of personal and business finances and taxation. Our team offers a complete view so you can capitalise on opportunities available to you.

      Find out how our approach can guide you through the complex and occasionally confusing world of finance and investments by giving us a call.

        Real-Time Financial Services

        Although we are financial advisors based in Parramatta, Sydney, technology means you can be anywhere in the world looking at the same information we are. Cloud-based, real-time systems allow you access to a ‘here and now’ picture of your finances at any time — with real-time reports to help assure you are getting the best financial advice available for you. It makes it easy to collaborate and gives you access no matter where you are.

        Take advantage of our cutting-edge financial planning software, and the tange of investment it offers you by arranging an appointment with us.

          ATB Wealth Strategies – Our Services

          The range of services we offer at ATB Wealth Strategies ensures that your journey through financial life, while ever-changing, stays on track. We help you navigate a path that secures your financial needs now and into the future. Our expertise includes:

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