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Are you wondering whether a self-managed super fund is the right choice for you? Perhaps you already have one and need guidance with investments or compliance? Whatever the scenario, ATB Wealth Strategies has an expert SMSF advisor that can help.

Our friendly SMSF specialist team can assist with the set-up or management of your super fund. We believe in empowering you to make informed decisions about your investments, and your wealth creation plan for the future.

Call our SMSF adviser, Sydney, today, and get your wealth creation strategy underway.

What Is an SMSF?

An SMSF or self-managed super fund is a private superannuation scheme regulated by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and managed by you and up to five other trustees. 

Setting up an SMSF allows you to make choices that give you control over your investments. Once in operation, you then work on a plan to improve the returns you receive from the fund.

Some of the investment opportunities lie in property, shares and bonds, but you can also accumulate assets, such as artwork, jewellery, antiques and more. By working closely with an SMSF financial advisor like our team at ATB Wealth, you will be steered in the right direction.

Together our SMSF advisors network along with the rest of our team will educate and advise you. We will help you create an SMSF strategy that keeps your investment growing and your compliance in check.

Call us and chat with our SMSF specialist advisor about how an SMSF can work for you.

Is an SMSF for Everyone?

While it’s a popular way of securing income for retirement, a self-managed super fund might not be the right option for everyone. By speaking to our SMSF strategic advisors, we can help you work out what’s best for you — and if it’s not a super fund, we can create a wealth strategy that’s more appropriate. You are in control at all times, and we won’t push you down an avenue that you’re not comfortable with.

SMSF Adviser

If an SMSF is suitable, we make sure you’re aware of your responsibilities, and work with you, imparting superannuation advice to help you succeed. We recognise that life and the world of finance and investing has its ups and downs — hence, consider us the umbrella that protects you from the storm.

By understanding your goals, we can tailor financial and SMSF advice — providing the correct wealth creation strategy for you. We take the time to get to know you and what you want to achieve — then build a financial map to guide you there.

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Expert Guidance from ATB Wealth SMSF Advisors

Our SMSF advisory team in Parramatta, Sydney, are dedicated to providing the best possible SMSF statement of advice for your individual circumstances. We strive to understand your goals and to make sure you have a full understanding of all the information we give you.

As financial planners and SMSF accountants, our SMSF and financial advice will cover all bases. We know that getting it wrong by trying to do everything yourself can lead to financial difficulties — so why take the risk when you don’t have to.

ATB’s SMSF advisors can help prevent you from making costly mistakes and optimise your wealth creation plan and your SMSF — while you retain complete control over how your money is invested.

SMSF Adviser Sydney

When you engage expert SMSF advice, we make sure that, you:

  • Select the right trustee, have the right trustee model in place and avoid future issues.
  • Complete all legally required documents.
  • Comply with the law and the annual tax audit, concerning your investment strategy.
  • Are confident that your SMSF is suitably set up to serve your best interests in retirement.
  • Receive the latest SMSF knowledge, investment insights and technical support as and when you need it.

If you are considering whether an SMSF is right for you, it is important to seek advice. Our financial experts can assist — providing you with information and direction on what your path will look like. Our specialist financial planner and SMSF advisor team help to uncover the best solution.

Get in touch with us today and take the first steps on the road to financial security.