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Securing your wealth today while simultaneously planning for the future, can be a daunting prospect — ATB Wealth Strategies, your local financial advisor in Sydney, takes the fiscal weight from your shoulders.

Working alongside you to fully grasp your current situation, identify your medium-term goals, and realise your retirement aspirations — we offer tailored solutions that are realistically obtainable and maximise your financial stability. 

Friendly, down-to-earth, yet unremittingly professional and diligent — our Sydney-based financial planners provide the benefits of local knowledge combined with world experience.

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Why Do You Need a Financial Planner in Sydney?

Take out a pension, put your hard-earned money into a savings account, and invest long-term in property and stocks — the counsel typically spouted out by wealth magazines, online sites, and faceless monetary advisers.

The issue is, that none of these so-called experts take into account your current financial situation or aspirations. Sure, creating a solid property portfolio is generally sound guidance, but it’s somewhat unhelpful advice if all your current income is consumed by day-to-day expenses, your children’s education, and paying off loans and mortgages.

At ATB Wealth Strategies — one of the most forward-looking financial planning firms in Sydney — we put the personal back into wealth planning and management.

Our financial advisors in Sydney know the area and the people. But most crucially, we understand that the needs and requirements differ from person to person — the priorities of a plumber in Parramatta may be vastly different from the concerns of a concierge in Campbelltown.

Working together with you, our approachable and can-do professionals will formulate a bespoke financial strategy — creating a foundation for today to build on for the future.

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Financial Planning Advisor in Sydney Near You

Whether you live or work in the inner-city or suburbs, commercial district or rural locations — ATB Wealth Strategies has the best financial planners in Sydney local to you.

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How Our Personal Financial Advisors in Sydney Can Create Your Pathway To Wealth

Don’t think that financial planning advice in Sydney is purely for the super-wealthy, owners of a massive portfolio of properties, or those with large cash liquidity.

Honest, solid, and unbiased financial advice for Sydney residents, such as yourself, isn’t dependent upon your current asset situation — it’s about creating greater financial stability and security for you and your loved ones for the years ahead.

The crucial strategies that can be planned and implemented by a wealth advisor in Sydney from ATB Wealth include:

  • Allowing your savings to rapidly grow.
  • Increasing your assets — stocks, properties, and shares.
  • Streamlining loan and mortgage repayments.
  • Reducing mortgage and loan terms.
  • Safeguarding your income from the unexpected.
  • Shielding you and your children’s futures.
  • Building for a secure, safe, and comfortable retirement.
  • Tax strategising.
  • Maximising your SMSF.
  • Creating robust investments.

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Personal Wealth Strategy — How the Best Financial Planner in Sydney Works for You

When you need to find a financial planner in Sydney, a quick online search will deliver a plethora of results. Separating excellence from the average can be tough.

However, we offer a personalised service unparalleled in the local area.

At ATB Wealth Strategies, we don’t underestimate the crucial importance of a two-way, honest, and close relationship. Working purely on your behalf, we tailor the best financial advice and plans based on your current circumstances and future aspirations. By providing continuous support and assistance, your wealth and financial stability will grow.

Income Protection Insurance NSW

In short — we listen, and then we deliver.

But, there’s more to ATB Wealth than just being the top financial advisors in Sydney. Modern and dynamic, our interactive cloud-based systems allow you to effortlessly monitor and track your wealth progression — whether you’re in the office, at home, or on vacation.

There’s no exclusive industry jargon, patronising advice, or pressurised sales — just an overwhelming passion to build your asset and cash portfolio.

Want more than just a good financial advisor in Sydney?

ATB Wealth Strategy’s Financial Planning in Sydney Services

Bespoke planning to secure your retirement — our personal financial advisors in Sydney deliver independent advice on the setup, management, strategy, and tax efficiency of your SMSF.

When illness or injury prevents you from working, income protection provides a regular and welcome monthly benefit — allowing you to meet your financial obligations and day-to-day expenses.

Whether you’re coming to the end of your career, or just starting out on your employment pathway — it’s never too early, or late, to organise a relaxed and comfortable retirement.

In the unfortunate event of death or terminal illness, ATB Wealth Strategy’s life insurance plans provide you or your family with a lump sum — allowing the coverage of your dependents’ education, your funeral expenses, and existing loans and mortgages.

A profitable future requires robust planning — our investment strategy service ensures a solid foundation on which to grow your wealth, including management of your assets, shares and property portfolios, and self-managed super funds.

The unexpected can throw a spanner into life’s works — our experienced team of professionals can deliver insurance policies for all of life’s major challenges, including trauma, total and permanent disability (TPD), salary continuance, and life insurance.

It’s never too soon to plan your route to wealth — with an in-house financial advisor for young adults in Sydney, we can formulate a formidable asset and monetary plan for those starting on their adult life path — including life insurance and investment strategies.

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ATB Wealth Strategies — Sydney’s #1 Financial Advisors

Don’t just aim for a good financial planner in Sydney, set your target on the best.

At ATB Wealth Strategies, we have just one mission — to allow you to achieve the wealth aspirations you both want and deserve.

Our local, amiable, and professional advisors don’t offer unfocused, generic, off-the-shelf solutions — we leave that to our competitors. Instead, we intimately work with you to understand the challenges you face, the goals you possess, and the financial future you want.

It’s this commitment to personal service and tailored solutions that makes us among the best financial planning companies in Sydney. Unwaveringly independent, and with no exclusive attachments to particular services or products, we deliver bespoke advice and provisions custom-built for your situation.

In short — tell us your wealth objectives, and we will make them a reality.

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