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Knowing your house is in order financially for when you’re no longer around gives you peace of mind. Our estate planner at ATB Wealth Strategies can help you make that happen. We offer financial and estate planning for families, individuals and trusts in Parramatta and Sydney.

Estates are an important part of your life, and we want to make sure you have the right plan in place — so that if something happens, it’s as seamless as possible. It’s never too early to start protecting your estate, and retirement and estate planning are some of the best ways to help minimise stress during difficult times. It will protect your family’s future and ensure everyone has enough money to live comfortably throughout their lives.

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What Is Estate Planning?

You may consider estate planning as making a will and nothing else — but it is so much more than that. It’s about creating a strategy for estate and succession planning to determine what will happen to your assets and affairs when you are no longer here. It can also include who will look after your financial interests if you become incapacitated for any reason — think of it as a backup plan for the unexpected.

Our objective when creating your estate plan is that ownership and control of your assets pass to the people you choose. It will be a difficult enough time for those you leave behind, so our estate planning specialist will ensure that this happens in a timely and tax-efficient manner.

Part of financial estate planning also includes maximising the protection of your assets and interests, so they don’t end up in the wrong hands. This makes sure that should one of your beneficiaries go through a relationship breakup or become bankrupt they still keep the legacy you left them.

At ATB Wealth Strategies, we understand that life is never simple, and transferring your wealth between generations can be complex. With sound financial and estate planning, you can ensure that when the time comes, the next generation of your family is set up to succeed financially. We understand that you need a tailored solution, as no two families are the same and each set of circumstances is unique.

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I Have a Will, Do I Need an Estate Plan?

A will is an important part of an estate plan, but there are many other considerations to take into account. It involves planning the distribution of your financial assets and possessions after your death, or how you want your medical, lifestyle and financial affairs handled if you are ill or incapacitated.

By having an estate plan in place, you can be sure your assets will be managed and distributed the way you want and in the most tax-effective manner.

You may be asking yourself, who needs an estate plan? The simple answer is — everyone. Not only does it provide you with peace of mind, but it also ensures that difficult times are made easier if your loved ones don’t have to worry about how to divide up your estate. The assets and investments that you have accumulated will be allocated according to your wishes.

Estate planning is essential for all families, but even more so where there are complexities, like blended families or loved ones with special needs. It also helps avoid family disputes. And, it’s not just about families, estate planning for a single person will also ensure your money and assets end up where you want them to be.

An Estate Plan Can Include:

  • Nominating someone you trust to act on your instructions if you cannot manage your own affairs. This could be an advance care directive or medical or financial power of attorney.
  • Protecting significant assets through trusts or other strategies for tax purposes. 
  • Detailing a plan for the smooth transition of any business interests you hold.
  • Making sure any trusts, family companies, or superannuation funds are left in the control of trustworthy people that you choose. 
  • Providing for and protecting people that matter to you who may be young children or have special needs. 
  • Ensuring that any legacy you leave to your children is protected from claims by a third party as a result of future relationship breakups, or from creditors. 
  • Details of any charitable programs you wish to donate to, such as setting up a trust or foundation, or a one-off payment.

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Estate Planning, Sydney, from ATB Wealth Strategies

Keeping it simple, estate planning can be broken down into three steps.

1: Firstly, we will take stock of all the assets you have. For example, your personal assets, as well as life insurance, superannuation (SMSF estate planning), trusts, property, shares, money, and more. 

2: Next, we would look at any potential risks that need to be planned for — whether these happen before or after your death. These include mental incapacity on your part, divorce, illness, and unexpected accidents, whether fatal or incapacitating.

3: Once our estate planning advisor has the full picture, they will work with you to create a tailored plan that is all-encompassing and meets your needs. This will be reviewed at regular intervals, with strategies put in place to make any necessary adjustments.

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We will help you ensure that any tax due is minimised, and the ownership of your assets goes to the people you love and care about. We understand that not all family units are the same and will develop a comprehensive plan for your particular dynamics. 

At the end of the day, it’s never too soon to have a sound estate plan in place within your overall financial strategy. ATB Wealth Strategies estate planner can help make sure you are prepared. Don’t leave it until the last minute — life can be unexpected and cut short at any time.

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